3 Common Mistakes by Yoga Newcomers

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

3 most common mistakes of new Yogi, and how to make sure they don't happen to you.

I started Yoga in my 40's and really had no clue about the who, what , why and when of Yoga practice. Late bloomer like me then here are 3 common mistakes that you may be able to avoid.

Mistake One: Not knowing what you want from Yoga.

The reality is that there are numerous different styles and forms of Yoga and each has it's different attractions. Ask yourself what it was about Yoga in general that attracted you and then you can investigate a style that caters more specifically to that. Yoga instructors are usually very approachable and happy to talk about their passion.

Mistake Two: Jumping in Feet First.

Having decided that they will give this Yoga thing a try join a Yoga beginner class. These classes are designed to give you a very broad feel for the different types of Yoga. The level of the students in the class usually varies greatly so you can expect the instructor to keep the classes quite tame. The other key benefit of doing this is that the classes are pay as you go so there is no big financial outlay for you while you decide the type and style of yoga that best suits you. With the pay as you go classes you will find that while each class is different the level stays quite low to cater for the newer people joining in.

Mistake Three: Choosing the wrong teacher.

There is a big difference in what you will achieve depending on the skills and abilities of the person teaching you. A qualified teacher won't necessarily be fantastic and an unqualified teacher won't necessarily be terrible - but the odds are certainly cast in that direction, so it's a good idea to check your instructors background and qualifications before you begin yoga.

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